by Secret Army

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released June 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Secret Army Barcelona, Spain

Hitting the stage and kicking out brains since 2004. Honest punk rock from Barcelona. No more, no less!

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Track Name: Hypocrites and Parasites
There is no place in your struggle for true words
That's why your fight is nothing but a copy of copied thoughts
You don't fucking care if what you do is right or wrong
Beating the shit out of those you can't control

Stop spitting shit ‘cause we’re fed up of your pose
We had enough of empty words

You brainwash kids so they become your strike force
You fill their head with useless junk

Hypocrites and parasites
Hypocrites and parasites
Hypocrites and parasites
You gotta fall, that's all

Hypocrites and parasites
Hypocrites and parasites
Hypocrites and parasites
You gotta stop

You brainless fucker. Your hands are full of blood

Instead of standing up for your actions and feeling proud
You tele-fight behind a screen and talk and talk

Don't dare to say your fight for freedom is true
'Cause the sounds of revolution don't depend on you
Track Name: Flexhead
Pick the dole money up for another month
He and his friends have no place to go
Small town living, Gangland pride
Rock'n'Roll will save his soul tonight

Where there are broken dreams you have punks and skins
Ready to fight to get what they need
Alcohol weekends, do something, have fun
Dead Eastern cities coming to life

'Cause he's a flexhead
and he doesn't care
He's a flexhead
Tonight he's gonna drink with his friends

When he was a child he wanted to be cool
Painting a third stripe on his football shoes
Now he is older everything has changed
but ain't still nothing for those who are here

There's a party going on and it's cold outside
The stereo blasts a tune and he feels alright
The snow is falling, the world is falling apart
He and the boys will never give up
Track Name: 1808
Far away from my family, far away from home
Far away from the liberty that once I fought for
They are going to hang me tomorrow
For cursing those gentlemen
whose only worth is in their fathers' name
and the sweat of the working men

No man belongs to any man and no man shall be enslaved
so we broke the chains and stood up free in March of l8l2
Now the chains that I destroyed once are again around my hands
I've been dragged down and smashed but I still don't feel the pain

The sun will never shine like it did in l808
And that spirit of revolution we shall never forget
We marched towards a new morning
Where no man shall kneel for no one
We fought and died over hills and valleys for freedom

Track Name: Redemption
We've gotta fight the right fight
This fight against ignorance
We walk this path of deceptions
with the hope of a new light

Teach the youth, give them hope
But build their character to be strong

For ignorance is the beast that rules
in the hard times to come

I will not cease from mental fight
Nor shall the sword sleep in my hand

Until we destroy this ignorant beast
And we hear the Redemption bell rings

It's a new beginning
It's a new life
Where all our burdens fade away in time

Take a wrong situation and make it right